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    7. About Us
    8. Foshan Xinyu Cases Manufacturing Company Limited, Foshan XINYU Stage Equipments Co., Ltd. & Foshan City Nanhai Jie Yun Cases hardware Products Co., Ltd, are belong to Xing Ye International Enterprise Limited, established on 3rd, March of 2003. is engaged in developing and manufacturing all kinds of flight cases, have been providing high quality flight cases for wide rage applications in different areas, such as DJ cases, military cases, lighting cases, standard racks, anti-shock racks,makeup tool cases, camera cases,loudspeaker cases, aluminum tool case, aluminum makeup case, aluminum CD/DVD cases, briefcase, aluminum suitcases, aluminum computer cases, aluminum camerca cases and hardware parts of the cases, in fact, our cases can be used in almost all industries with perfect protection of your precious equipment. From the first beginning, we have the realization that quality is how we make survive in the competitive market, and now we see that the quality of product and service make us last and grow,we always believe that"quality, professional, innovation and thoughtful service" make market and values, which has been proved by our success, our products have been getting great reputation among our customers, and now we are becoming one of the major manufacturers of flight cases, aluminum case and cases hardware products in China. We will keep doing the right things, offer high quality products with very reasonable cost, to grow with our customers.

      Contact us right now for more details.    E-mail: 707892880@qq.com

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    10. Foshan Xinyu Cases Manufacturing Company Limited
      Foshan XINYU Stage Equipments Co., Ltd.
      Foshan City Nanhai Jie Yun Cases hardare Products Co., Ltd.
      Company Address: Baisha Industrial Zong, Dali Town, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong 528248, China
      Contact Person: David Liu   Cell Phone: 0086-15307576675
      E-mail: xinyu.cases@gmail.com
      Tel. No.: 0757-81136376, Fax. No.: 0757-81908888
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    13. 條紋鋁片組合式理發工具箱 16寸半組合式箱 300pcs 黑色籌碼箱 裝88鍵盤航空箱 6U無線接收器箱
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